Small Town Solo Professional Lawyers and Your Options

March 24th, 2022 by admin Leave a reply »

Many lawyers are cutting costs due to competition. Yes, even lawyers have competition these days even though they seem to have an unlimited number of people to sue. This is because there are so many lawyers each year graduating from Law School and despite what you think the Bar Exam is really a piece of cake; lawyers just complain about it to make you think they are smart.

Of course the big law firms have the most clout, political connections and therefore a small town lawyer maybe way out of his or her league as a solo professional and can get buried in the process and therefore as a client it might make sense to allow some of these small town lawyers who cannot make it in the big league to go out of business on their own without prolonging this by hiring them. Additionally, as a client if your small town lawyer solo-professional cannot do the job you will lose your case and therefore wasted all your money fees and still lose.

One thing I love is to watch these solo-professional lawyers get slammed by the bigger city lawyers. Of course I also love to see the solo-professional lawyers slam the big lawyers too. As a matter of fact my favorite lawyer is one who sues other lawyers or is no longer amongst the living. Consider all this in 2006.


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